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  1. Hot Baked Pasta
    Comfort yourself and your family with a piping hot baked pasta casserole.
  2. Waffles
    With recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are plenty of reasons to bring your waffle maker out of hiding.
  3. Meat Loaf, 7 Ways
    Learn all you need to master―and trim down―this treasured American classic.
  4. Asian Turkey Salad
    This fresh, bright salad takes Thanksgiving leftovers on a trip East.
  5. Turkey Alfredo Pizza
    Collard greens and leftover turkey meld beautifully with commercial Alfredo sauce and nutty fontina cheese, resulting in an easy yet inventive meal.
  6. One Steak, Two Meals
    Prepare a flank steak entrée to enjoy for dinner―and have the makings for lunch the next day.
  7. Hot and Hearty Sandwiches
    Served hot and filled with goodies, sandwiches easily make the move from lunch pail to dinner table.
  8. 10 Best Ice Box Pies
    We gave our favorite frozen pies a nutritional makeover; here are our delicious results.