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  1. Time for Tempeh
    Get all the goodness of soy―lean protein and fiber―from this flexible component in meatless meals.
  2. Meatless Mexican Meal
    The roots of classic Mexican cuisine began with the Aztecs. It's high on vegetables and (surprise!) low in fat.
  3. Casseroles Redefined
    Simple and wholesome, these vegetarian recipes may change your view about one-dish meals.
  4. The Delicious Veneto
    The cuisine of this Northern Italian province boasts abundant vegetables and cheeses paired with polenta and rice for hearty fare.
  5. California Wine Country Cuisine
    With its Mediterranean influences and quality local produce, this region’s food showcases the season’s best ingredients.
  6. Ethiopian Tastes
    Famed chef  Marcus Samuelsson shares the secrets of his native cuisine.
  7. Vegetarian Delhi
    A chef from the cuisine capital of India shares his hometown's sometimes subtle, often spicy, and sumptuous meatless fare.
  8. Viva Venezuela
    Corn, cheeses, and vegetable salsa deliver the culinary cues in this South American country.
  9. Catalonian Cuisine
    The fare of northeast Spain spotlights the vivid qualities of smoky seasonings, fresh produce, and an array of chiles.
  10. Asian Fusion
    Influenced by Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines, Malaysian fare is a multiethnic blend that can be adapted to suit your liking.
  11. Morocco: A Culinary Crossroad
    A tasty blend of North African, Arabic, Spanish, and French influences, Moroccan food satisfies a craving for the exotic.