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  1. Michael Pollan's dilemma
    An author known for his food expertise faces the challenge of many parents: learning to entice a particular eater at home.
  2. Power Breakfast
    Busy day ahead? Jump-start it with a quick, nutrition-packed breakfast.
  3. Steak and Potatoes
    This easy lineup works well for either a weeknight meal or casual entertaining.
  4. Autumnal Dining
    Celebrate the fine flavors and scenery of fall with our two outdoor menus.
  5. Pancakes After Dark
    Mom treated you to them for breakfast, but now you're a grownup. Break the rules and have them for supper.
  6. Pasta for Dinner
    This dish of pantry staples is a good choice for a hectic weeknight supper.
  7. Lowbrow Chow We Love
    You can call it trite, but you know it's true: Sometimes only iceberg and Velveeta will do.
  8. South of the Border
    If you never grow tired of Mexican food, this menu of enchiladas and Spanish rice will suit your tastebuds.
  9. Blue Plate Specials
    At a great diner or café, blue plate specials mean the simple, delicious foods that are staples of home cooking.
  10. Simple Shaker Fare
    Seasonal ingredients and unfussy food reflect the Shaker way of life.