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  1. A Strong-Armed Workout
    Fitness Expert Gin Miller helps one reader refocus her routine with a boxing circuit.
  2. Tricep Dips
    Train and sculpt the back of your arms with this simple tricep move―no equippment required.
  3. 10 Weeks to a 5K
    Whether you're a seasoned runner or a walker, our 5K training program will help you achieve winning results.
  4. The Ball's In Your Court
    Improve your tennis game with an agility-building workout from Cooking Light Fitness Expert Gin Miller
  5. Water Works
    Soothe and strengthen your body, and even help improve bone health, with this pool routine from Cooking Light Fitness Expert Gin Miller.
  6. Strength Moves
    Cooking Light Fitness Expert Gin Miller creates a bone-building routine for a swimming lover.
  7. Pedal Power
    Learn the basics of biking with pro-advice, confidence-building drills, and a training plan developed by Cooking Light expert Gin Miller.
  8. Tone Your Lower Body
    Firm legs and buttocks with this routine from Cooking Light Expert Gin Miller.