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  1. Home Design for a Lifetime
    Universal Design principles can help make your home more functional and fashionable―now and in years to come.
  2. In A Cook's Kitchen
    Find great ideas from the kitchens of real home cooks—from full-on kitchen renovations to small DIY ideas.
  3. When Kim Baer and Michael Sieverts hired architect Scott Prentice for a renovation, their goals were practical, not pricey: They simply wanted to enjoy spending more time in their kitchen. Their top priorities were a better-organized space, environmentally friendly design, and easier access to the backyard.With its airy plan, open doors, and glass walls framing garden and sky, the kitchen is now a happy neighborhood hangout. From spring to fall, the weather is mild enough to roll up the glass garage door off the dining room and invite the neighbors—and the outside—in.
  4. To Marissa Hardie, it was as clear as a mason jar: You don't launch a private cooking class business in a cramped 1980s kitchen.