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  1. How to Cook for a Vegan at Thanksgiving
    Don't worry if a vegan is attending your Thanksgiving event. Cooking for a plant-based guest is actually quite easy with these simple ingredient swaps and suggested menu options.
  2. How to Cook For a Vegetarian at Thanksgiving
    Turkey Day certainly poses an obstacle for vegetarians. If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, it's important to keep in mind a few things while you're preparing dinner if you're planning to welcome a guest who doesn't eat meat. Rather than completely abandoning your routine game plan, make these minor adjustments so that both your meat-eating and vegetarian friends and family have some delicious food to choose from on the greatest food holiday of the year.
  3. How Do I Cook Nut-Free at Thanksgiving?
    Allergies can be tricky to work around during the holidays, especially when family you don't see often comes to town. A nut allergy might not seem like a big deal during Thanksgiving, but when appetizers, stuffing, and pecan pie hit the table, it’s not safe for people with diagnosed nut allergies. A nut-free Thanksgiving menu is easy to plan and will please any crowd, keeping all nut-allergy fears at ease.