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  1. "Here's to the cook!"It's a lot harder for the family grump—if there is one—to be crabby with a bright, sparkling cocktail in hand. These drinks range from almost soda-pop light to a cognac-tinged glass of pure golden elegance.
  2. There's nothing that puts the finishing touch on a holiday spread quite like a vibrant hued dish of cranberry sauce. Cranberries truly are a calling card of the season. But, after the last guest has left, don't ditch those berries! When it comes to the leftovers, no post-Turkey Day sandwich is complete without a spread of this holiday favorite.We'll start you off with a classic version, Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce. Beautiful orange zest is the perfect finishing touch to this delicious condiment.
  3. What tops your sweet potato casserole? Marshmallows? Crunchy, mapley oats? What about a delicious dollop of cranberry sauce? No matter what your flavorful topping of choice may be, we have a recipe that will fit your festive table.For this classic casserole, whip sweet potatoes until they're smooth and top with a delicious buttery brown sugar and pecan mixture.View Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole
  4. Pies come in all shapes and sizes this time of year, but there are a few classics that no holiday table is complete without. What's topping that list? Sweet potato pie. We'll start you off with a basic recipe that is complemented with delicious Spiced Cream Topping—you won't be able to resist.Tangy cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk combine for a creamy contrast to the sweet potato layer. You can prepare this pie up to two days ahead and refrigerate.
  5. Nothing brings tidings of cheer like fresh and delectable treats that the whole family can enjoy. This year, spend a little time in the kitchen and create gifts that everyone will love. Where to begin? We'll start you off with a basic recipe that you can then use to create two more variations. Then, add a sprinkle here, a ribbon tied there, and pretty soon you will have beautiful gifts for friends and family that are both fun to create and a delight to receive.
  6. Frozen puff pastry is a handy shortcut for appetizers during the holidays and beyond. Our quick and delicious recipes will become party staples in no time.When preparing our Tomato-Baby Bell Pepper Tartlets, for the prettiest appearance, use red, yellow, and orange bell peppers. If you can't find baby bell peppers, use julienne strips of regular bell pepper.View Recipe: Tomato-Baby Bell Pepper Tartlets
  7. We asked, and you answered. From the hilarious to the more traditional, find out what special treats you leave for ol' Saint Nick.See More: Christmas Cookie Recipes