Banana Split Festival

Wilmington, Ohio, second weekend in June

Though there is a controversy over the true birthplace of banana split, there's no debating the ultimate celebration of the dessert takes place in Wilmington Ohio every year.
Photo: Randy Mayor

It's a controversy that has been simmering longer than hot fudge: Which American town is the birthplace of the immortal banana split? On one hand, there's Latrobe, Pennsylvania, where optometrist David Strickler supposedly invented the ice cream treat in his downtown pharmacy in 1904. On the other hand, we have Wilmington, Ohio, where restaurant owner Ernest Hazard is said to have created the indulgence in 1907. Although both cities staunchly proclaim themselves to be the first in banana split production, there's one thing we know for sure: Wilmington's the only one with a Banana Split Festival. There, you can enjoy auto shows, rock 'n' roll, and one heck of a lot of banana splits. For more information, check

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