Healthy Habits Graduate: Julianne Saratsis

Julianne Saratsis, Spanish instructor from Tacoma, Washington, shares her tips for eating more healthy fats.

Julianne Saratsis

For most of her 40 years, Julianne assumed that foods labeled "low-fat," "no-fat," and "light" were automatically healthier. Then she took Cooking Light's Healthy Habits challenge last year and started to rethink the staples in her fridge. "I had to get into a mind-set where I told myself my fear—that I would gain a bunch of weight—wasn't going to be realized." Here, Julianne shares her top three healthy-fat strategies:

  • Find fats you like. "Finding favorite recipes that incorporate healthy fats has been important for us. In our house, it's an avocado dressing that I make regularly. And we love olives! So I always keep kalamata olives or a medley of olives on hand."
  • Savor the real thing. "We've shifted away from 'light' or 'low-fat' stuff. We now buy the real things—butter, mayonnaise—and just use less."
  • Switch up stir-fries. "Experimenting with stir-fries is one of the most effective ways I incorporate healthy oils. I use olive oil a lot—my husband is Greek, so you've got to use the olive oil—and I've been using sesame oil as a finishing touch for flavor in our stir-fries or in a marinade for chicken or steak."
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