Sushi Glossary

Learn these Japanese words, useful when ordering at a restaurant or shopping for ingredients.

Sushi in Chopsticks

 Anago: conger eel broiled and brushed with a sweet sauce

 Bonito: a type of tuna with a strong flavor; often dried and used as the base for soups

 Ebi: shrimp

 Futomaki: thick sushi rolls, often made with pickled vegetables

 Gari: pickled ginger root that is used to cleanse the palate between bites of different sushi

 Gyoku: rolled egg omelette

 Hasomaki: thin sushi rolls

 Hirame: flounder

 Ika: squid

 Ikura: salmon roe

 Kani: crab

 Kappa: cucumber

 Maguro: tuna

 Maki: sushi that is rolled in nori

 Masago: crab roe

 Miso: fermented soybean paste that is a basic flavoring in many Japanese dishes

 Nigiri: slices of raw or cooked seafood served on a layer of rice

 Nori: toasted seaweed sheets used to hold sushi rolls together

 Otoro: fatty tuna

 Saba: mackerel

 Sake: salmon

 Sashimi: slices of raw seafood

 Short-grain rice: grains stick together, unlike long-grain rice that fluffs, making it ideal for sushi

 Shoyu: Soy sauce

 Sushi: refers to seasoned rice, not raw fish

 Tako: octopus

 Temaki: a.k.a. "hand rolls;" sushi that is wrapped in nori in a cone shape

 Unagi: eel

 Uni: sea urchin roe

 Wasabi: a potent Japanese horseradish that is served as a condiment for sushi and can be mixed with soy sauce to make a dipping sauce

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