10 Best Ice Box Pies

We gave our favorite frozen pies a nutritional makeover; here are our delicious results.

Mango-Lime Icebox Pie

We love cream and icebox pies for all the same reasons you do. They're simple to make. Because they need chill time and can cool their heels in the fridge for hours on end, they're great for busy-day menus. Their cold smoothness soothes a parched palate. Mostly, though, we love them because they taste good.

Top Ten List
1. Mango-Lime Icebox Pie
2. Mint-Chocolate Icebox Cake
3. Frozen Coffee-Fudge Pie
4. Frozen Yogurt-Chocolate Bombe
5. Banana Split Ice Cream Pie
6. Brandied Pumpkin Ice-Cream Pie with Malted Pecans
7. Frozen Butterfinger Pie
8. Frozen Cardamom Bombe with Watermelon-Cantaloupe Center
9. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Pie
10. Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie


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