Refreshing, Cool, and Nutritious

Eight sippers that are the perfect cooldown after a hot, sticky summer day. 

Refreshing, Cool, and Nutritious

Smoothies and slushes are about the easiest thing to whip up at home. And they're a delicious way to satisfy your thirst while enjoying a wide variety of healthful ingredients. Start with a base of low-fat milk, juice, or perhaps a splash of sparkling water. Then add yogurt, fruit, vegetables, or even a spoonful of tofu or a sprinkle of flaxseed. Quantities are rarely critical, and the simple recipes in the following pages guarantee you'll get a reenergizing liquid refreshment.

A classic berry smoothie, made with tangy-sweet fruit and lemon sorbet, comes through with respectable doses of calcium and potassium, along with a bonus of heart-healthy fiber and antioxidants. Even a frothy latte-inspired cooler made with soy milk, coffee, banana, and frozen yogurt offers a genuine nutritional kick, chipping in a day's worth of potassium and magnesium, plus a good measure of calcium. And its smidgen of caffeine will provide a perk. All these drinks are every bit as refreshing as they are healthful—perfect antidotes to those draining summer workouts.

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