Healthy Kids: Big Help

Kids love to get involved in the kitchen. Here's a guide to what's appropriate for each age group.

Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

A 2-year-old can tackle chores that make the most of their big arm muscles. They can help scrub, tear, snap, or dip.

A 3-year-old's medium muscles and hands can wrap, pour, mix, shake, and spread.

Since a 4-year-old has control of small muscles, get them to peel, roll, juice, crack eggs, and mash.

Get a 5-year-old to strengthen coordination by having them measure, cut, grind, and beat eggs.

A 7- to 9-year-old can show responsibility by using the stove or the microwave (but only with adult supervision).

Healthy Kids: Programs

Learn more about some programs that are successfully working to improve kids' eating habits.

American School Food Service Association:
Farm to School programs:
Healthy Kids Challenge:
Planet Health:
Walking School Bus:

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