Taste Test: Our Guide to the Best Products at the Supermarket

Taste Test: Store-Bought Pie Crusts

Cooking Light staff sampled 12 nationally available frozen and rolled-dough piecrusts in four blind tastings.

Best Store-Bought Pie Crust Brands
Photo: Photo: Randy Mayor

ABOUT TRANS FAT: Most ready-made crusts contain trace amounts of trans fat. Not ideal, but we tested three trans-fat free crusts and felt they did not meet our taste standards. You can make your own trans-fat-free crust, with our Homemade Pie Crust recipe.

FROZEN CRUSTS: WINNER: Marie Callender’s Deep Dish Pie Shells, $3.15 (2 [9-inch] crusts per pack)
Superbuttery with a slight saltiness. Layers so crispy they could almost be peeled. Testing note: Frozen crusts perform best when blind-baked, then filled.

REFRIGERATED CRUSTS WINNER: Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts, $2.46 (2 [9-inch] crusts per box) 
By far the flakiest of all the crusts we tested. Pillsbury’s toasted, buttery flavor and golden color were on par with homemade.

REFRIGERATED CRUSTS RUNNER-UP: Great Value Rolled Dough Pie Crusts $2.36 (2 [9-inch] crusts per box) 
Its neutral flavor puts focus on the filling. Straight out of the box, its thickness is ideal for heavy custards or quiches.

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