Taste Test: Our Guide to the Best Products at the Supermarket

Taste Test: Quick Oats

Steel-cut oats taste great but take ages on the stove. These fast versions deliver flavor and texture.

Taste Test: Oats
Photo: Photo: Randy Mayor

Good Food Made Simple 100% Steel Cut Oats, $3.39 (2 [8-ounce] servings)
Hearty oats that are chewy and toothsome with just enough creaminess for a perfectly balanced bite. Delicious on their own with a little sweetener, or as a nice base for fruit, nuts, and other breakfast toppings.

Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats, $4.39 (22-ounce bag)
Slightly salty notes (though it has 0mg sodium per serving) complement the robust and nutty whole-grainy goodness. Pleasantly substantial with a full-bodied chew.

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