March 17, 2016

The concept of dumping green food coloring in beer has never sat right with me. Honestly,  I don't have some huge fundamental problem with a touch of food coloring on occasion... I just get weirded out when people go overboard with it (like the time my elementary school attempted to color scrambled eggs and generic lunch meat green for Dr. Seuss' birthday—it was disturbing and completely unnecessary, we could have just read the book). And pouring  green dye into a vat of Miller High Life then up-charging it because now it's "luck leprechaun beer" seems more excessive than it is festive.

That said, I'm probably just a party pooper and thus, don't understand the obvious appeal. That's fine. I'd rather drink a

Kiwi Colada

Add some spirit: This baby is already packing white rum and Midori, you're covered.

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