October 02, 2014

I love fall. I love everything about it — cooler weather, colorful trees, cocoon-y sweaters, and pumpkins piled everywhere. I also love the long list of groceries I can grow without sweating in the oven-like air of August. Not sure what can replace those tomatoes and beans? Here are 8 suggestions, easy as reciting your ABCs. Whether you garden on a patio or in a plot, try:

Arugula - A year-round essential on the salad plate, this green grows best in cooler temperatures of spring and fall in our Birmingham-based garden. Continually sow seeds every ten days to keep a constant crop of baby greens.

Beets  - C’mon! Try them shaved thinly in raw form, roasted, or pickled. We timed our sowing of beet seeds about 8-10 weeks before expected first frost date (discover your region’s estimated date

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