October 06, 2011

Jenny and Rob are in a whole different world today than they were one month ago.

As Jenny puts it: "I was excited this week when I got my new issue of Cooking Light and didn’t have to skip over the fish recipes like I used to.  A whole new world is opened to me!"

Until this month, when Jenny and Rob saw fish on a menu, or in the grocery store, they looked away. It was an automatic "no." And as a result, their young children had never tasted fish. Never.

That's all different now. As of this month, Miriam, their daughter, is now eating fish 3 times per week. Here's a clean plate picture after she tried salmon for the first time:

Rob and Jenny were committed to trying fish, but they weren't going to committed to liking it. So they started slowly, building confidence with baby steps, grilling tilapia and making a homemade Caesar salad dressing (with anchovy paste).

One month later, they're making Thai Beef Cabbage Cups (with fish sauce, which is not for the feint-of-fish), and Spicy Orange Shrimp Stir-Fry.


Rob and Jenny, you've made me proud. They say you can't change a person, and I suppose you can't, but you two, collectively, chose to change yourselves. And you weren't going to hold your nose and swallow that salmon down, fish had to earn your respect to earn a spot on your table. And in order to do that, you committed to trying, to giving fish a shot, to opening your minds, mouths and stomachs to something new; something your brain was opposed to.

You have proven that a person can change their mind if they want to. Not through force of will, but through re-education. This month, you tried ten new fish, you gave fish a chance. And because you were able to inviting this former foe in, you have a new friend at the table.

And I know this new friend will pay you back with improved health, and even more joy at the table with your friends and family who have a real affection for Maryland crabs and Carolina shellfish.

And as parents, you have opened your daughter to a new joy in her life: fish! I can only imagine how excited her grandparents are going to be about that.

Well done, you two. What an inspiration you are!


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