Reader Profile: The Cardio-Happy Traveler

“There are plenty of machines available, even when I travel. But I don’t do such a good job of using them.” - Jeff Vincent: Age 42, Private Equity Investor, Boulder, Colo.

Cooking Light Reader: Jeff Vincent

Jeff Vincent: The Cardio-Happy Traveler


Jeff is good about getting in his weekly cardio. “I run 20 to 40 minutes, three to four times a week.” That’s impressive in itself because this father of four is constantly shuttling children, attending various school activities, and on the road for work one or two days a week. When he’s finished with his cardio, Jeff treats strength training as an unstructured option. “When I do use the machines, it’s kind of random in both amount and frequency.” And that prevents progress.


Jeff needs a few lessons on how to stay motivated while on the road. He’s good about getting in cardio but just needs to change his mind-set about strength training—frequent travel can actually work to his benefit there. He can use the hotel’s gym or rely on a few equipment-free moves that will have him feeling stronger soon.

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