Reader Profile: The Whole-Grain Newbie

“I don’t really pay attention to whole grains, but this is a chance to get healthier.” - L’Anne Gilman: Age 42, Gallery Owner, Ketchum, Idaho

Cooking Light Reader: The Whole-Grain Newbie

L’Anne Gilman: The Whole-Grain Newbie


L’Anne Gilman is tall (6 feet) and lean, so she can get away with the heavy Southern cooking—fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, and meat loaf—on which she was raised. “My problem,” she jokes, “is that there’s no whole-grain Bisquick!” But she knows it’s time to pay more attention to her health, and she wants healthier options for her three kids (ages 14, 12, and 10). “I’d love to find whole-grain dishes that we’ll all like.”


L’Anne loves to cook—a good thing, as some whole grains take ­patience or require a bit of creativity. In fact, she can use them in many of the dishes she already makes.

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