Reader Profile: Really, No Meat?

"To me, healthy means choosing turkey chili over beef chili—not vegetarian chili." - Cheryl Marker: Age: 51, Marketing Consultant, New York

Cooking Light Reader: Cheryl Marker

Cheryl Marker: Really, No Meat?


Cheryl lives the busy life of a modern New York City working mom, but her thoughts on food still rest heavily in the traditional camp. "I grew up in a house where dinner was meat, potatoes, and a vegetable. I've evolved, but we're still into the meat," she says. Cheryl and her family currently eat a variety of lean meats because to her a meal isn't a meal without a recognizable protein source. "If I'm dining out and eating light, I'll go for fish. Even when I'm at the salad bar, I'm still throwing in the chopped turkey, shredded chicken, or shrimp." Plus, Cheryl is short-order cooking for a teenager and 10-year-old twins. "They're not interested if there's no meat."


Draw up a list of well-reviewed restaurants that serve vegetable dishes (not necessarily all-vegetarian restaurants), and start by exploring Indian, Chinese, Mexican, South American, and other cuisines. In New York, there are also staggeringly good restaurants, such as ABC Kitchen and Mario Batali's Le Verdure, that celebrate or wholly focus on veggies. Drop into Whole Foods, and study the astounding array of grains, fruits, veggies, premade vegetarian dishes, and the like. Then, inspired, start cooking. Eating meatless once a week will actually turn out to be a delicious turn of events, from a creative point of view.

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