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"I rely on an internal database when I cook, but with vegetarian meals, I'm lost." - Jane Boutelle: Age: 50, Business Resources Manager, Madison, Wis.

Cooking Light Reader: Jane Boutelle

Jane Boutelle: Show Me the Menu


Jane hasn't attempted a vegetarian diet in 25 years, so she feels a bit behind. "I know it's not all tofu and seitan, but if it's not that, what is it?" Jane saw her 50th birthday as a reason to gear up her fitness effort—she's lost 18 pounds—and she sees adding vegetarian meals as another step in her all-around wellness crusade. Jane's husband is not a fan of vegetables ("He generally likes food you'd describe as 'kid-friendly.' "), but she's determined to expand the horizons of their three children.


Creating a list of delicious go-to meals will help this family enjoy going vegetarian once a week and get them on their way toward their wellness goals. Start with dishes and flavor profiles that your family enjoys. Mexican food, Italian food, and many good old American favorites are all candidates for a meatless makeover.

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