Reader Profile: The Sodium-Clueless Mom

“When it comes to salt, I really haven’t paid attention at all.” - Blake Kohn: Age: 37, preschool director, Herndon, Va.

Cooking Light Reader: Blake Kohn

Blake Kohn: The Sodium-Clueless Mom

Eli Meir Kaplan/Wonderful Machine


Blake loves to cook and takes great joy in the fact that she provides a homemade dinner almost every night for her husband and two young children. She pays attention to fat and calories when it comes to her own eating, but when it comes to the kids, “I try to make sure they have a little bit of everything so they don’t feel deprived.” As to how salt fits into the health equation, however, she’s not sure. “The new Dietary Guidelines are the first things to make me pay attention, and I don’t know where we stand.”


Blake has already made the single best decision to help control her family’s sodium intake: She cooks at home. It’s the first strategy doctors and dietitians recommend to people who need to shake high-sodium habits. Now she just needs a basic primer on the salty stuff and tips for making her homecooked meals even healthier.

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