July 19, 2011

I'm starting to think that

Week one, and Julianne is batting 1000! Here's what I'm most proud of:

1. She took risks. Julianne told me she liked hazelnuts, so I dug up that green bean salad for her. She was not excited, but she was willing to take a leap of faith. She put together a dish she wouldn't have picked on her own, and now she and her husband have something new for the repertoire.

2. She's putting the focus on her eating first. Like so many moms, Julianne is worried about what her kids will eat, often before she thinks of her plate. This week I reminded her: let's put the focus on you. She's creating meals that she and her husband love, while providing a "no sauce" option for the kids. 

3. She's creative!: As Julianne learns more about healthy fats, she can apply this for the kids. Though they might not like green beans with hazelnuts, they sure like them separately. Julie is thinking about clever ways to add more healthy fats to her children's diets, in a way that they enjoy eating them. Instead of forcing them to eat things they don't want, she's giving them what they like.

4. She's satisfied: She's already starting to see the benefit of eating healthier fats, and staying satisfied. Buh-bye 10:30 munchies; hello healthy fats!

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