Get Stronger

In month 6 of our 12 Healthy Habits challenge, the focus turns to building muscle.

Strength Training Guide

We have routines for every muscle and fitness level in our ultimate guide to strength training.

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Ankle Touches

Ultimate Move Finder

Shape and tone your body from top to bottom with our selection of moves.


The Timex Health Tracker

Top Fitness Gadgets

Here are our top 9 fitness gadgets and gizmos that can help you shape up in record time—with just the push of a button!


One-Arm Back Row

Fitness Made Faster!

This simple—yet effective—workout routine hits all of your major muscle groups from head to toe in the shortest amount of time, using as little equipment as possible.


Ball Curl and Twist

Tone your abs

Pick and choose among multiple moves to work your abs and core muscles.


Abs - Part 1

10-Minute Ab Workout

Tone your front and side abdominals and obliques with this superfast lower-body routine, then enjoy a 20-minute dinner recipe.


Hip Lifts

Amazing Abs

Tone the front and side of your abs with these no equipment moves.


Brandy Rushing: Pilates

I Tried It: Pilates

Would the favorite fitness regimen of Hollywood thinsters hold any appeal for our intrepid exercise editor?


Ball Curl and Twist

5 Core Moves

All you need is a stability ball and a mat. Tone your abs and strengthen your back to improve your posture and balance.


A toned midsection is just one benefit of a core workout, as a Cooking Light reader discovered.

Core Training Q&A

Expert trainer Maren Piefer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, shares secrets to core workouts that work.


Close-Grip Dumbbell Presses

All about arms

Tone your arms—from biceps to triceps—with our selection of great moves.


One-Arm Cross-Shoulder Extensions

Sculpt Terrific Triceps

Get the secret to tank top-ready arms with this collection of moves.


4 Quick Arm Toners

 4 Quick Arm Toners

Create slim and shapely arms with this basic strength routine.


Tricep Kickbacks

Amazing Arms

Get your arms in their best shape by working their two major muscle groups: the biceps and triceps.  


Stability Ball Curl

Get your butt in shape

Firm your butt muscles with are collection of toning moves.


Skater's Lunge

Tone your butt and thighs

Slim your lower body with our simple moves you can do at home.


Wall Squat


From lunges to squats, we've got the moves to tone your thighs.


Shape your legs

Shape Your Legs

Trim your thighs, hips, and butt with moves that firm you up, while slimming you down.


Lower-body strength plan: Perform the routine 3 to 4 days per week starting with 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps for the first two weeks, then increase to 3 sets of 10 to 12 for the next two weeks.Challenge yourself: Forgo a chair, and hold a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell in each hand while performing standing exercises.Cardio workout: 5 days a week

Lower-Body Strength Plan

Work your lower body with this strength-training plan developed by Cooking Light Fitness Expert Gin Miller.


Lower Body - Part 1

10-Minute Lower-Body Workout

Tone your glutes, quads, and thighs with this superfast lower-body routine, then enjoy a 20-minute dinner recipe.


Prone Runner

Move Finder: Back

Get your back in shape with these valuable moves.


Sportline’s DUO 1060 heart rate monitor

Best Fitness Gear and Gadgets

We tested this years’ most interesting and most effective fitness gear.


Brandy Rushing: BodyPump

I Tried It: Body Pump

Ease into strength training with this simple choreographed class.


Sculpt Shoulder and Arms

Lunchtime Workout Strength Moves

Get in a 20-minute lunchbreak workout with these moves.


Pool Workout

 Pool Workout

4 pool moves to soothe and strengthen your body.

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