Staff Profile: The Country Midwife

“I live far away from any gym. It’s a distance problem.” - Jennifer Drawbridge: Age 52, Nurse-Midwife and brand new Cooking Light stress columnist, Lincolnville, Maine

Cooking Light Staffer: Jennifer Drawbridge

Jennifer Drawbridge: The Country Midwife


Ask Jennifer her problem with strength training and her answer is simple: “Hello, rural America.” The nearest gym is a half-hour away, and Jen, who drives an hour to work, just isn’t up for the added road time. She exercises five or six times a week, but she prefers the outdoors and cardio—snowshoeing in winter, hiking in summer. She has some free weights at home and an exercise band at work, but she has no program. And there’s this: “The women in my family have bones like Fritos. My grandmother broke her hip. My mom did also. I’m well aware of my genetic tendency, so I know weight-bearing exercise is the thing to be doing.”


Strengthening her bones can help Jennifer become even better at the aerobic activities she likes to do (and hopefully avoid the frail frames of her matriarchs). She just needs a handful of moves she can utilize anywhere when she’s got a few minutes to strength train­—no gym required.

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