Healthy Habits Graduate: Heather Walker

"Cooking gives me good food and quality time with my family." - Heather Walker, Mom, Soddy Daisy, Tenn.

Heather Walker

Healthy Habits Graduate: Heather Walker

Photo: Randy Mayor

Last January, Heather Walker was fed up. The new mom saw a number on the scale far beyond anything she'd ever seen before, and she wasn't happy about it. "I just decided it was time," she says of abandoning a lifestyle that included eating out for most meals. "I told my husband I can't expect my daughter to eat healthy if I'm not." Adios, Colonel Sanders. Hello, Chef Heather. "It's gotten to the point now where I really enjoy cooking, and because I'm able to control what I put into my food, I've lost almost 72 pounds," she says. "Even before I started losing weight, I started feeling better because of the improved quality of food I was eating." The biggest reward for her: "Knowing I'm giving my family something that is good for them." Here's what Heather says helped her most.


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