Healthy Habits Graduate: Mary Lynn Meyer

"I went from one serving of vegetables to five or six." - Mary Lynn Meyer, Health-care consultant, Churchville, Md.

Mary Lynn Meyer

Healthy Habits Graduate: Mary Lynn Meyer

Photo: Marge Ely

Last January, Mary Lynn Meyer's attitude was that if it required cleaning, peeling, chopping, or steaming, you could forget about it. Like many moms, Meyer was just too busy—grocery shopping, packing lunches, carpooling, and working. Meals were quick and easy, and that usually meant they came from a box. "Cooking was a chore," she says of her pre-veggie conversion. "After working all day at my job, I felt like I didn't need another one at home."

But a desire to eat healthier inspired her to take on Cooking Light's first Healthy Habits challenge. With the help of online coaching sessions from our contributing editor Allison Fishman, the Meyers' kitchen grew greener. "It opened our eyes to so many different things," she says. "I feel healthier. The quality of food I'm eating and serving to my family is better, and there's more variety. I'm trying new things with a sense of adventure." (She admits, though, she's still not a fan of kale.) Here, in her words, is what helped.


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