Ultimate Sodium Guide: Eat Less Salt!

The tenth Healthy Habits challenge: Eat less salt. Our simple guide to cutting back on America's favorite seasoning.

Sodium Nutrition 101

Our bodies need sodium to maintain the right balance of fluids in the body and to help with muscle movement and contraction. But high levels of sodium can elevate blood pressure. Learn how to find the right balance for your body.

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Reduce Sodium for Good Health

10 Ways to Cut Sodium

These 10 easy steps, both large and small, let you keep the lid on sodium without a whole lot of sacrifice.


Breakfast Cereal Sodium

Hidden Sodium in Healthy Foods

Many foods we consider healthy have surprisingly high levels of sodium. Find out how to avoid hidden sodium in some of your favorite foods. By Keri Gans, MS, RD, CDN


Teaspoon Daily Salt Limit

What's Your Recommended Sodium Intake?

Now that carb counting and fat phobia are over, cutting back on salt is the #1 nutrition priority. We show you how.


Shake the Habit: Easy Ways to Lower Your Sodium Intake

What You Need to Know About Sodium

A look at how salt affects your health



Nutrition Essentials: Salt Savvy

Maximize flavor without going overboard on sodium. Here's how.



All About Sodium

A look at how salt affects your health

More Ways To Get Cooking Light



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