September 05, 2011

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See for yourself. Create your action plan and visualize yourself carrying it out. Researchers have found that visualization techniques—or mentally rehearsing buying, preparing, and eating healthy food—helps people actually change their eating habits.

Get inspired. Find someone who succeeded in making the positive changes you want to mirror. Use these successful role models to keep you motivated.

Celebrate victories. Pat yourself on the back for making some new, positive changes—no matter how small. When you begin to succeed, you gain self-confidence, which leads to greater success. As behavioral experts say, “nothing succeeds like success.”

Give it time. Don’t get impatient. It takes time to establish a new habit. One recent study found that it takes an average of 66 days before a new habit becomes automatic. So commit to 30 days, then the next month will be much easier to sustain.

What has helped you stay on track?  Tell us the ways you are successfully changing your life. 

(photo courtesy of michalfabik on flickr)


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