Eat More Fish

The ninth Healthy Habits goal: Make seafood the centerpiece of two meals a week.

Seafood Nutrition and Sustainability

The USDA now recommends two servings of seafood a week in place of beef, pork, or poultry. Learn how to choose the best seafood for your health and the enviornment.

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Healthy and Sustainable Seafood

Healthy & Sustainable Fish

New Dietary Guidelines recommend fish twice per week. Here are some good picks for sustainability and omega-3 fatty acids.


Sustainable Seafood Labels

Sustainable Seafood Labels

Fish and seafood with these two labels come from sustainable and well-managed fisheries. Here's what to look for.


Image of can of sardines.

All About Omega-3s

These good-for-you fats are found in foods from fish to flax and are increasingly popular thanks to the host of benefits they may provide.


Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver's Advocacy for Sustainable Seafood

All this sustainability talk makes Barton Seaver hungry. How one chef wants to raise your consciousness deliciously.


Fish and Seafood Sustainable Catches

Sustainable Fish and Seafood

A guide to five species, with recipes.


Omega-3 Rich Fish

Our Guide to Fish

Check this expert guide to nutrition, environmental issues, and selection before you head to the fish counter.


Polyunsaturated fat

Salmon Nutrition

How different varieties of salmon compare


Take Two: Cod vs. Tilapia

Cod vs. Tilapia

Find out which of these fish fillets wins the nutrition showdown.


Shrimp and Scallops

Take Two: Shrimp and Scallops

Compare these two similar shellfish.


Take Two: Flour & Corn Tortillas

Take Two: Wild Salmon & Yellowfin Tuna

You can't go wrong choosing between wild salmon or yellowfin tuna, but we've got the nutritional scoop on the differences between the two.

More Ways To Get Cooking Light



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