Ultimate Sodium Guide: Eat Less Salt!

The tenth Healthy Habits challenge: Eat less salt. Our simple guide to cutting back on America's favorite seasoning.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Sodium

These 10 easy steps, both large and small, let you keep the lid on sodium without a whole lot of sacrifice. By: Maureen Callahan, MS, RD

Reduce Sodium: Practice the Incremental Approach

3. Practice the Incremental Approach

No need to say sayonara to salt, but research shows that small cutbacks of 25% salt in a recipe will go unnoticed. Really. It’s a scientific fact that salt is an acquired taste; the more you eat, the more you become accustomed to it. So turn the tables on that science and gradually cut back on amounts by using a little less salt than a recipe calls for each time you cook. Eventually you’ll bring levels down to reasonable amounts. If you salt foods automatically, practice the same approach, gradually weaning yourself away from larger amounts.

Kitchen tip: Measure out all the salt called for in a recipe. Put 25 percent of it back in the salt shaker and cook with the remaining 75 percent. Do this for two weeks. Then cut back again.

More Ways To Get Cooking Light



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