Ultimate Sodium Guide: Eat Less Salt!

The tenth Healthy Habits challenge: Eat less salt. Our simple guide to cutting back on America's favorite seasoning.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Sodium

These 10 easy steps, both large and small, let you keep the lid on sodium without a whole lot of sacrifice. By: Maureen Callahan, MS, RD

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Reduce Sodium: Salt with Style
Photo: John Autry

9. Salt with Style

Some of the salt used in foods is an automatic or learned response. You throw salt in the water for boiling pasta. You add salt to a pot of boiling vegetables. You sprinkle salt on potato wedges before roasting. The truth is, it’s easy to skip that step and save salt for finishing a dish. For finishing, choose a specialty salt for the most impact. A fine grind sea salt has the same amount of sodium as regular iodized salt, but flavors and colors are unique and set the mind and palate up to enjoy a food.

Staging tip: Since the terms “low sodium” and “low salt” have come to mean deprivation for some folks, entice guests and family by describing a dish as cooked with “a touch of sea salt.”

View Recipe: Grilled Zucchini with Sea Salt

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