Staff Profile: The No-Time-Whatsoever Working Mom

“I’m embarrassed to say that what I do for exercise is basically nothing.” - Debra Richman: Age 45, Vice President, Communications, Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Group, Weston, Conn.

Cooking Light Staffer: Debra Richman

Debra Richman: The No-Time-Whatsoever Working Mom


Debra wants to exercise—but take a look at her daily schedule. During the week she’s up at 4:45 and out of the house by 6:30 for an hour-and-20-minute commute into New York City for work. Weekends are spent running to activities with her two sons (ages 5 and 6). Mornings would be the best time to squeeze in a workout because there’s no need to re-shower. There’s plenty of workout stuff (treadmill, weights, and exercise ball) at home, and Debra is OK with getting up a little earlier for a 30-minute soup-to-nuts routine. “You wouldn’t look at me and say I need to work out, but I want to be healthier for my boys,” she says.


Debra can divide her exercise into smaller doses: cardio first thing in the morning and strength training throughout the day. Or she can tack on a few streamlined strength moves after her cardio. Sneaking strength training into an impossible calendar just takes a little creativity.

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