Staff Profile: The No-Time-for-Snack-Time Working Mom

“By the time I get home from work at night, I’m starving.” - Kristen Schaefer Geisler: Age: 36, photo director, Cooking Light, New York, N.Y.

Cooking Light Staffer: Kristen Schaefer Geisler

Kristen Schaefer Geisler: The No-Time-for-Snack-Time Working Mom

Virgil Bastos


Kristen is careful about what she eats during the day—egg white omelets, fruit, healthy soups. But after she finishes lunch, she doesn’t eat again until after 8 o’clock. “Dinner is a free-for-all because I’m superhungry by then,” she says. Kristen is healthy and happy with her weight, so she’s not so sure why she should even think about reining in hernighttime portions, which she estimates are 50% of her daily calories. “My husband is 6'2", and I’m 5'6". And we eat the same amount. It’s like my reward at the end of the day because I’ve been eating so healthfully.”


For people like Kristen who spend all day being restrained in their food choices, freedom is a big, steaming bowl of pasta or oversized piece of pizza. While her weight isn’t affected now, that type of eating will probably catch up to her as her metabolism slows with age. So Kristen needs help convincing herself (and her husband) to try smaller portions, and she needs to incorporate more snacks throughout her day so she isn’t ravenous come dinnertime. Managing portions often starts with managing hunger.

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