Reader Profile: “You Call That a Portion?”

“Sometimes the proper portion of food just looks so small.” - Jennifer Chinn: Age: 39, corporate events coordinator, Farmington Hills, Mich.

Cooking Light Reader: Jennifer Chinn

Jennifer Chinn: “You Call That a Portion?”

Joe Vaughn


When it comes to portions, Jen and her husband, Mark, raise a white flag. “You got me on that,” she admits good-naturedly. Dinner is the main struggle—recipes often make four or six servings, but it’s just the two of them at the table. “When I’m giving him a big plate of food and I’m getting my girly portion, I tend to feel deprived,” she says. “I have a scale and measuring spoons. But I find I’m still hungry.” Plus, she wonders about that all-important question: “Where does ice cream fit into this?”


When her portion of food is smaller than that of the other people at the table, it’s no wonder Jen feels like she’s missing out. But eating well isn’t about depriving yourself of something. It’s about finding balance and enjoying a variety of foods. With a few cooking suggestions and food substitutions, Jen will be feeling full and satisfied, even if she is eating just a bit less than others.

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