March 04, 2011

I first learned about the

The second month's challenge to Get Moving fared a little better but was still a pretty big bomb. I went back to doing bootcamp one to two days a week with the necessary modifications to not overdo it and walked whenever possible. I had no idea the taking 2 months off and adding pregnancy to the mix would make a semi-challenging workout almost impossible. I was more focused this month on achieving the healthy habit and did okay--not as well as I thought I would do back in October but not a total fail. The other good news was that the "Eat More Fruits and Veggies" habit from January was slowly coming back into play. Veggies were still the enemy, but at least apples, oranges, pears, and grapes tasted good and didn't make me cry. February Score: C-

Month three...Get Cooking. I'm 16 weeks and life is improving. My so-called "frenemies" who lovingly and patiently promised that I would once again be able to eat cheese, bell peppers, a salad, and chicken weren't lying to me after all (thankfully, they're back to "friends"). Having barely stepped into my favorite room in the house for two solid months as well as sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store crying (are you detecting a pattern...?) on the phone to my mom or husband because I didn't want to go in are slowly becoming memories of the past. I've found that while cooking certain foods still challenge me greatly (sorry raw shrimp), I've learned that if I can get in and out of the kitchen and make something quick and easy, I can create a healthy meal that tastes good. I'll admit I'm spoiled because I've tried over 600 of the Cooking Light Dinner Tonight recipes over the last three years (I'm the DT video gal on, so I can quickly choose an easy recipe from a long file of favorites. Any of the Dinner Tonight or Superfast recipes on are sure to make my goal of achieving the March HH slightly easier. March Score: B- (with the hopes of bumping up to an A by the end of the month).

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