Healthy Habits Hero: Maury Rubin

"Breakfast is my favorite meal, hands down." - Maury Rubin, Pâtissier, founder and CEO, City Bakery, New York.

Maury Rubin

Healthy Habits Hero: Maury Rubin

Photo: Virgil Bastos

In the push for better bakeries in New York, City Bakery has played a special role since 1990. It is not just a croissant-and-hot chocolate joint (though both are famous) but also a place that has stretched the boundaries of breakfast and brunch. Savory options and seasonal dishes abound, such as tofu skin with egg, cabbage, soybeans, and bok choy, replete with locally grown and organic produce from the Union Square farmers' market, which is two blocks away. Breakfast is what drives Maury Rubin—literally. A typical day for him usually starts between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. His fuel for those early starts: the idea of creating and eating a delicious breakfast—for himself and for others. "We're in our 22nd year of City Bakery, and what's outright thrilling to me about being a baker and having a bakery is getting to enjoy good pastry." He rarely eats it all, but he savors every bite. While most of us don't have the run of a bakery, there is much to learn from Rubin's thoughts on the morning meal and the mindful way he eats his own.


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