Reader Profile: The Breakfast-Is-Easy-to-Ignore Couple

“I’ve been a non-breakfast eater for 25 years.” - Michael Siegel: Age: 42. Mike, Vice President, The Tin Company. Andrea: Vice President, “Home Operations,” Omaha, Nebraska

Andrea and Michael Siegel: The Breakfast-Is-Easy-to-Ignore Couple

Andrea and Michael Siegel: The Breakfast-Is-Easy-to-Ignore Couple


“We don’t even drink coffee,” says Andrea, trying to explain the foreign concept that is breakfast to her and her husband, Mike. “The only thing I put in my mouth in the morning is toothpaste and maybe some gum,” she says with a laugh. Andrea is a snacker who prefers several small “meals” later in the day. “Once I start eating, I tend to keep eating,” she says. She and Mike have three children (15, 13, and 9) with whom they share a healthy meal at day’s end (kids’ sport activities permitting). But the morning is tough. Andrea is a mighty mouse with chores and getting the kids going, but is not inclined or all that interested in harnessing that morning energy in the kitchen. And while she does like typical breakfast food—pancakes, cereal, bagels—she says the carbs make her feel tired. Mike has been trying to incorporate a third meal in his day over the last six months because he’s “heard it’s healthier,” but he’ll get on a kick with one thing for a few weeks—oatmeal, egg burrito— then burn out, only to return to the land of non-eating.


Way to go for eating as a family at dinner! Start a new tradition by enjoying a healthy breakfast together whenever possible (if weekdays are too hectic, try weekends). For busy weekdays, look to make-ahead options that’ll suit all tastes.

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