Healthy Habits Hero: Joanne Weir

"I am not shy with the olive oil." - Joanne Weir, Award-winning author, chef, TV personality, San Francisco

Joanne Weir

Healthy Habits Hero: Joanne Weir

Photo: Thomas J. Story

Joanne Weir trained in the butter-and-cream world of traditional French cooking, but her heart and her skillet belong to the Mediterranean. Weir's must-have ingredient: extra-virgin olive oil. "I love anything that's olive oil–based, so Mediterranean is just a cuisine I relate to," she says. When she returned stateside, Weir's first job was in Berkeley at Alice Waters' Chez Panisse. She brought her beloved olive oil along, too. "We in America think about a huge steak in the center of the plate. I like a small amount of protein and lots of vegetables on the side. I love to fill up on vegetables." Here, the author of From Tapas to Meze: Small Plates from the Mediterranean offers up some of her favorite ways to incorporate olive oil.


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