Reader Profile: Is Seafood Safe?

“I’m confused about which fish are healthy and sustainable.” - Valerie Vander Berg: Age: 38, marketing specialist, Grandville, Mich.

Cooking Light Reader: Valerie Vander Berg

Valerie Vander Berg: Is Seafood Safe?

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Valerie, a self-described sushi addict, used to serve a lot of seafood at home until an innocent airport bookstore purchase changed everything. “I learned that what I was eating wasn’t healthy for my family or the earth,” she says of her take-away from reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals. The book aroused concerns about the conditions of farmed fish and sustainability, so the family cut back their fish consumption from twice a week to twice a month. “Sustainable, ecofriendly fish cost a lot more than the six-dollar bag of shrimp from who knows where,” she says.


The only way to sort out seafood sustainability is to find ways to make it simpler. Luckily, there are lots of them.

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