Staff Profile: The Fish on-a-Budget Challenge

“We’re sticklers about money, and fish can be expensive.” - Josh Rutledge: Age: 24, assistant production editor, Cooking Light, Birmingham, Ala.

Cooking Light Staffer: Josh Rutledge

Josh Rutledge: The Fish on-a-Budget Challenge

Randy Mayor


Like many young couples, Josh and his wife, Meredith, work hard to maximize their food dollars, and when Josh sees fish, he sees dollar signs. The couple’s weekly grocery budget is just $50. At checkout, that translates to bulk quantities of skinless, boneless chicken breasts and less expensive cuts of red meat. And though Josh will occasionally pick up tilapia or shrimp if it’s on sale, fish comes to the family plate at most once a week. “I love salmon, but it’s quite a bit more money than a chicken breast.”


Budget-conscious families can eat fish. Josh and Meredith can even shop at his favorite wholesale bulk-buy emporiums and neighborhood grocery stores (no special trips to seafood stores required). The key for this couple is strategic shopping.

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