Reader Profile: The Bored Exerciser

“Exercise has become a chore. I’m starting to choose work over the gym.” - Gabe Chernov: Age: 35, Camp Director, Mequon, Wisconsin

Cooking Light Reader: Gabe Chernov

Gabe Chernov: The Bored Exerciser


Until very recently, Gabe was a slim guy who could eat whatever he wanted and still maintain his high school physique. “I had been a big exerciser, but over time work took its place. I began noticing that my stomach wasn’t flat anymore.” So last fall, Gabe hit the gym. “I started going three times a week,” he says. “I get my routine from an iPad app, and the whole thing takes an hour. ” The usual program consists of three sets of several different weight-lifting exercises with five minutes of cardio before and after each set. Gabe is feeling better, and he’s down a couple of pants sizes—but boredom has set in.


Gabe’s biggest challenge is preventing his mind—and muscles—from being bored. Changing workouts around more often may be the key—especially when your biggest stumbling block is simply making exercise interesting each and every week.

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