Staff Profile: The Injured Athlete

“I want to exercise—but injuries plague me.” - Phoebe Wu, 23, Assistant Editor

Cooking Light Staffer: Phoebe Wu

Phoebe Wu: The Injured Athlete


Even though she’s a spring chicken, Phoebe is thwarted by ankle aches and pains that come from a lifetime of athletics (soccer and field hockey). “I’ve always done cardio, but lately the problem is that it hurts when I walk. If I do nothing, it will go away for a while, but as soon as I do something like running, it comes back immediately.” Also in the mix: a chronically painful left wrist. To combine injury with insult, Phoebe doesn’t feel like she has any real options: “Here’s the embarrassing thing. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I’m terrible at swimming. And I can’t afford a gym membership.”


Phoebe’s first step would be to consult a sports medicine physician and not try to figure it out on her own. “When pain is part of the problem, the first step is to find out if your body is able enough to exercise,” says Murphy. “A lot of people have a pain or injury that prevents them from exercising, but in a lot of cases, that pain can be rectified—ironically with exercise. We just need to give her ankle a boost, start slow and get her back to what she likes to do.”

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