Fruits and Vegetables: How Much Is a Serving?

We teach you how to determine serving sizes of fruits and vegetables to help you reach your recommended daily amount.

Recommended Amount of Fruits and Vegegtables

How Much Is a Serving?

Take a look at the photo to the left: This is the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables most people should eat daily. The USDA's Dietary Guidelines recommend adults eat anywhere from 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day depending on age, gender, physical activity, and overall health. So, what is a serving? Click through the following slides for a guide to determine serving sizes of common fruits and vegetables.

Apple Serving Size


1 small apple = 1 serving

Raw Fruits or Vegetables Serving Size

Raw Fruits or Vegetables

1/2 cup raw fruits or vegetables = 1 serving

Orange Serving Size


1 large orange = 1 serving

Leafy Greens Serving Size

Leafy Greens

1 cup leafy greens = 1 serving

Banana Serving Size


1 banana = 1 serving

Bell Pepper Serving Size

Bell Peppers

1 small bell pepper = 1/2 serving

Berries Serving Size

Berries and Grapes

1/2 cup berries or grapes = 1 serving

Cooked Squash Serving Size

Cooked Squash

1/2 cup cooked squash = 1 serving

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