Reader Profile: The Snack-Happy Family

“Our family loves sweets, cookies, and chips of every kind.” - Monica Ingles: Age 38, Cake Shop Owner, Farmington HIlls, Mich.

Cooking Light Reader: Monica Ingles

Monica Ingles: The Snack-Happy Family


With this family’s hectic schedule and picky palates, the pantry has turned into Processed Foods Central. “When he was small,” Monica says, “my oldest son would eat a variety of healthy foods, and then it was like somebody flipped a switch: Suddenly, all he wanted was snack foods. I want what they’re eating to nourish their bodies, but I don’t want the constant argument that it doesn’t taste good. And I don’t want my kids to be 38 years old and struggling with food like I am.”


Crackers, cookies, and other snacky foods often harbor unhealthy trans fats (a particular type of fatty acid created when hydrogen is added to liquid vegetable oil). A labeling loophole allows food makers to list 0g trans fats if a single serving of the food has less than half a gram. Eat two servings, though (absurdly easy to do with snacks), and you might have consumed nearly half the daily limit of 2 grams. The key to turning this situation around is finding healthy snacks that deliver on convenience, taste, and nutrition.

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