Healthy Habits Hero: Mark Bittman

"There's nothing easier than cooking whole grains." - Mark Bittman, NY Times food writer, Cooking Light columnist, and author of many books, including How To Cook Everything—The Basics, New York

Mark Bittman

Healthy Habits Hero: Mark Bittman

Photo: Virgil Bastos

Mark Bittman has always been a whole grains guy, but he really began to embrace them about 10 years ago while working on his cookbook How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. "I had no intention of becoming a vegetarian," he recalls, "but I embraced the concept and started playing around with whole grains more. I became more intentional about eating them." Nowadays, Bittman has no problem getting in his three-per-day minimum, and he thinks he may know why others aren't as successful at reaching this goal. "The misconception that whole grains are hard to cook or that they take a long time probably keeps a lot of people from trying them." Here, he debunks these myths and offers a few suggestions for making grains easy to add to your daily menu.


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