Healthy Habits Hero: Barton Seaver

"Sustainable seafood is delicious, nutritious, and readily available at stores where we already shop." - Barton Seaver, National Geographic Fellow, author, and chef, Washington, D.C.

Barton Seaver

Healthy Habits Hero: Barton Seaver

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

Growing up, Barton Seaver's family ate dinner together nearly every day. His dad did most of the cooking in their D.C. home, but "my brother and I also had a lot of influence over what was cooked because we helped with the shopping, cooking, and serving. We were able to explore what we really liked about food." Once or twice a month, Seaver's dad took the boys to a local open-air fish market "to pick what was bountiful and beautiful." That's where his love for all things oceanic began. Here, the author of For Cod and Country enlightens on the best ways to savor the sea's bounty while conserving it at the same time.


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