Healthy Habits Graduate: Heather Johnson

"Anything you would serve over rice also works with quinoa." - Heather Johnson, Advertising agency project manager, Cincinnati

Heather Johnson

Healthy Habits Graduate: Heather Johnson

Photo: Randy Mayor

Heather Johnson is not at all shy about the fact that eating three servings of whole grains a day presented a massive challenge to her. Her previous attempts at eating them hadn't left her wanting more. "The only experience I ever had with whole grains was when an ex-boyfriend made me try kasha, the hot kind. It was awful," she says. "I thought that's what all whole grains were." With some coaching and enlightenment from Cooking Light's Healthy Habits coach Allison Fishman, Heather has now tasted victory—and a whole lot of whole grains. "I have discovered that there are some whole grains I really, really like." Here, how Heather learned to embrace a food she once reviled.


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