Coach 'N Tell: Kitchen Momentum

March 29, 2011

Great news, folks: Marsha's husband Jason is so excited about the home cooking he's eating, he wants to jump in and help Marsha keep the kitchen momentum* going. In fact, tonight he has started Man-made Mondays, the night where he cooks dinner.

(OK, they haven't named it that, but go with me on it.) Jason has Mondays off, so Monday is a great day for him to cook, and it lets Marsha come home after work to a him-made mea


This evening's meal will be

She finds that if she makes Wednesdays and weekends her big cooking times, she can prep for meals on other days which makes cooking easy. For example, this week she prepared the peppers and pork for

Well done, Marsha. I think you just did.

* Tip of the referential hat to my friend Tamar Haspel, who used the term Pantry Momentum in her cookbook, The Dreaded Broccoli. I love the concept, and use the term all the time, but I want to give credit where credit is due.

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