Staff Profile: The Lapsed Solo Cook

“I need to get reacquainted with my kitchen.” - Carol “C.J.” Johnson: Age 61, Administrative Coordinator, Birmingham, Ala.

Cooking Light Staffer Carol “C.J.” Johnson

Carol “C.J.” Johnson: The Lapsed Solo Cook


For the last year, C.J. has been time crunched and energy depleted. After a long day’s work, she attended to her ailing mom. When mealtime came, “It was just way too easy to go through somebody’s drive-through,” she says. Although she loves to cook, the idea of shopping and cooking for one was too tiring to even think about. The result: an upsurge in restaurant food spending and an increase in pounds.


C.J. needs to devote some time to nurturing herself—and with a little mind-set tweak, cooking can feel like well-deserved “me time.” With a busy schedule, the idea of cooking more often may seem impossible—but that’s where make-ahead meals and small-batch cooking techniques can help.

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